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Watain: Opus Diaboli (2012)
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Watain: Opus Diaboli (2012) regarder film gratuit : 1. Malfeitor 2. Devil's Blood 3. Reaping Death 4. Lawless Darkness 5. Stellarvore 6. On Horns Impaled 7. Waters Of Ain 8. Outro Opus Diaboli is a commemoration of Watain s 13 year Anniversary and the first ever DVD documentation of the Swedish Black Metal legends! A visual and audio documentation of their ceremonial concert performance in Stockholm and the long years of physical, intellectual and spiritual work leading up to it. An epic DVD/2CD 90 minute journey into the forbidden realms of wildhearted Satanic Metal and a manifest of a unique band that truly have chosen a path that few have ever dared to tread upon. Watain: Opus Diaboli (2012) film en streaming complet .
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