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Hatching Pete (2009)
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Hatching Pete (2009) regarder film gratuit : Pete Ivey (Jason Dolley) is the type of guy who's easily overlooked in the school halls -- unlike his boisterous best friend, Cleatus Poole (Mitchel Musso), who's proudly carrying on the family tradition of spreading school spirit as the spirited Brewster High chicken. But when the costume prompts an allergy attack, Poole begs Pete to take his place at center court; the resulting anonymity frees Pete to discover his inner star. Trouble is, it's Poole who's getting all the attention from fans, who think he's the one behind the mask. Meanwhile, Pete's attempts to get noticed by pretty new girl Angela (Josie Loren) are complicated by the fact that she's also entranced with the mysterious man in the chicken suit. In the end, Pete must decide whether facing the possibility of rejection is worth revealing himself for what -- and who -- he really is. Hatching Pete (2009) film en streaming complet .
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5.5 Comedy,Family,TV Movie Bande annonce
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