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斷了片 (2012)
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Classé: 5.3 hors de 10 avec 6 votes.
斷了片 (2012) regarder film gratuit : Beijing, the present day. After a heavy night of drinking, Shen Wei (Shawn Yue) wakes up next to Tong Xin (Zhang Jingchu) in a bed in a furniture store. Neither can remember how they got there, and quietly go their separate ways. Shen Wei, however, can't find his car. Back in his hotel room, he finds the place full of comatose people, and at work his colleagues tease him about pictures on the web of him drinking with actress Meng Qiqi (Yan Wenxuan) and Tong Xin. Shen Wei remembers nothing. Meanwhile... 斷了片 (2012) film en streaming complet .
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5.3 China Comedy,Drama,Romance Bande annonce
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