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四个愚夫之金玉满堂 (2016)
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四个愚夫之金玉满堂 (2016) regarder film gratuit : This is a story that revolves around the lives of four fishermen who are buddies from a fishing village at Pulau Ketam. In order to settle a huge loan, the four buddies decide to venture into a robbery. In their attempt, the four buddies crash into a real robbery scene. In the chaotic chase, the four buddies end up with 2 bags of stolen jewelry. They emerge the heroes of the case by surrendering only one bag of jewelry to the police. One day, a group of tourists visit the island. The four buddies were made the tour guides. At a later stage, the robbers from the earlier robbery locate the four buddies at Pulau Ketam. Will the robbers get back the stolen jewelry? Will the four buddies get away with such a crime? 四个愚夫之金玉满堂 (2016) film en streaming complet .
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