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Raus (2019)
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Classé: 6.9 hors de 10 avec 4 votes.
Raus (2019) regarder film gratuit : Glocke had a simple plan to set the pimp Hermann's SUV on fire, become an internet star and impress Lena. Instead, he drops into a mobile toilette and becomes a webfail. He decides to follow the web call to hike and search for the drop-out Friedrich. Together with Judith, Steffi, Elias and Paule he heads of into the Harz. As access to internet and smartphones are not allowed the plan to start all over again works and the adventure brings the five together. But each teenager has a secret of their own and soon the hike leads the teens to face their past. Raus (2019) film en streaming complet .
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6.9 Germany Drama Bande annonce
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