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Body Double 32 (2017)
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Body Double 32 (2017) regarder film gratuit : For Body Double 32, Dellsperger takes the second scene from Carrie. Played by androgynous model Alex Wetter, a happy gang of girls are whooping it up under the showers in a high school locker room where the rows of lockers seem to double up and form a space-time loop. The loop comes to an end as, one by one, they disappear into the steam and turn into infinite variations on one of their number : Carrie. Still under the shower, Carrie herself seems unaware of what is going on around her. With a touch of sensuality the camera suggests that the child is becoming a woman. Terror-stricken, Carrie sees that her hands are covered with blood. Body Double 32 (2017) film en streaming complet .
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