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Lease of Life (2019)
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Lease of Life (2019) regarder film gratuit : The filial poor hawker Ah Hui, a rich woman Jing and a young singer Jojo have suffered a wave in their career, life and love. One day, Ah Hui dreamed that he had made a fortune, and later met a mysterious man who could solve his problems. The mysterious man taught him how to change his fortune through feng shui. Since then, Ah Hui’s career has skyrocketed and life has begun to flourish. Jing has repeatedly lost on the road of love, and Jojo's singing career is difficult to develop, causes her to suffer from depression. In order to change fate, Jing and Jojo were introduced a feng shui master who was anonymous. Ah Hui met Jing and Jojo coincidently. Three of them started a journey to find a new Sheng Ji life grave, and hoped to reverse their fortune. However, everything is not as good as imagined, how will their fate change? Lease of Life (2019) film en streaming complet .
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