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Renk Üzerine (2019)
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Renk Üzerine (2019) regarder film gratuit : Rumi, poet, scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic of the 13th century, in his famous Masnavi (Book I), asked a profound question: “As all colors emerged from the void of lack of color, how can color fight with lack of color? ” Da Cor (2019) is the story of light, after being born through the dark void that precedes the universe, it disperses in red, green and blue and from there to all the various colors of the visible spectrum, they emerge and flow into each other, creating all possible forms of tones. After the useful life of the light, it returns to the primordial state of the dark void of "Chaos". Renk Üzerine (2019) film en streaming complet .
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